Snow Removal Goals

Snow plow truck plowing snow

UMD Facilities Management is committed to providing safe access to the campus without causing unnecessary harm to the environment. We strive to reduce the effects of snow and ice as quickly and effectively as our resources and the unpredictability of Minnesota winters will allow. Snow and ice cannot be cleared from every campus entrance and walkway by 7:00 am following a storm, so we have identified priority entrances to receive our earliest service.

Please review and retain this Priority Entrance Map to locate the campus priority entrances. We ask the campus community to use these doorways to enter and exit, for maximum safety during and after a storm.


By 7:00 A.M. on the first business day following a snow/ice event; all parking lots will be accessible and open.


By 7:00 A.M. on the first business day following a snow/ice event; a passable walkway will be provided between the nearest road and the priority campus entrances which serve the Academic buildings. Additional care will be given to clearing power assisted entrances.

(See circles and triangles on map. Triangles identify power assisted entrances.)


Within two business days after a storm’s termination, secondary entrances to campus buildings will be cleared.


Within three business days after a storm’s termination, all exits will be cleared to the closest public way.


During non-business days priority will be given to maintaining safe access to campus buildings with scheduled events.


In the event of an ice storm, Facilities Management will de-ice the campus in the most timely and efficient manner possible. Ice conditions may make it necessary to de-ice entrances in a circuit route rather than in priority order shown on map. Please always be alert for slippery walkways and wear appropriate footwear.


  • The severity, duration and timing of the storm will impact our ability to meet these goals.
  • Problem areas and safety concerns should be reported promptly to Facilities Management at 218-726-8262
  • Parking lot concerns should be reported directly to Parking Services at 218-726-7433
  • If you have questions or comments about snow removal, please email Isaac Kasper at [email protected]