Permits & Policies

One Call

chart showing the colors of the one call Gopher system
  • UMD Facilities Management is a member of the Gopher State One Call System.
  • Minnesota State Statute requires anyone digging in Minnesota must call Gopher State One Call before digging. Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety
  • Before you dig for any reason, it is YOUR responsibility to notify Gopher State One Call at least 48 hours before digging.
  • The Gopher State One Call number is 1-800-252-1166. They will forward your information to all utility companies that have underground facilities in the area.The person or company who is doing the work is responsible for calling GSOC.
  • This is a FREE service paid for by the utility companies.
  • GSOC Handbook
  • American Locator Magazine 

We cannot locate any underground utilities until Gopher State One Call has been notified.

cartoon gopher with text "gopher state one call"

If you have any questions about Gopher State One Call requirements please contact our utility locator, Erik Larson at [email protected] or 218-726-6915. 

Not all utilities on campus are owned and operated by UMD Facilities Management.

Other utilities with lines on campus are:

  • University of Minnesota Information Technology Systems and Service
  • Minnesota Power
  • MP Telcom
  • City of Duluth Water, Gas, Sewer, Storm Sewer
  • Century Link
  • Charter Communications