Kronos Resources

The Kronos Application is used within Facilities Management for timekeeping and payroll.  LAUNCH KRONOS.


Furlough and Pay Reduction Steps - How to Request Furlough Time Off for Hourly, Academic and Teamster employees.  This Job Aid is only effective from  /1/20 to 6/30/21.

Request Time Off - How to Request Time Off in the Kronos Application.  This Job Aid is for all employees who don't use a Time Clock.

Enter Work Hours and Record Comp Time - How to enter Work Hours and Record Comp time in the Kronos Application for temp casual and employees with prepopulated schedules who are eligible for overtime.

Record Time in the Kronos Application for Student Employees - How to record time in the Kronos Application for student employees that don't use a time clock.

Kronos Time Clock

Sick Leave Pay Code Change for Teamster Employees - Time clock Changes for New Sick Leave Pay Codes for Teamster Employees at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Request Time Off at the Timeclock - How to Request Time Off on the Kronos time clocks for Trade & Teamster employees.

Request Emergency Close Equivalent Time Off - How to request emergency close equivalent time off at the time clock.

FM Timeclock Pay Codes & Augmentations - Pay Codes for FM Teamsters & Trades to use at the Time Clock and how to select an augmentation at the clock. 


NEW: Kronos Application Online Training - Facilities Management Supervisors

You cannot take these courses unless you are enrolled . If you would like to take any of these course and you are not enrolled, contact [email protected].

Kronos Navigation for Supervisors - How to navigate in the Kronos application.  

Request and Approve Time Off in Kronos for Supervisors - How to request time off for yourself or your employees and how to approve time off in the Kronos application.

Managing Employee Time Cards for Supervisors - How to fix time card issues and approve timecards at the end of a bi-weekly pay period.

Delegating in Kronos for Supervisors - How to delegate time and leave approval to another Supervisor for a specific time period.

Add or Change Schedule in Kronos - How to add or change employee schedules in the Kronos application.

Kronos Application Job Aids - Supervisors

Documenting Attendance Behaviors in Kronos - How to document employee attendance behaviors in the Kronos application.

Adding Emergency Reduced Hours for Employees - How to add emergency reduced hours for employees for Emergency Reduced Hours or Emergency Pandemic as a result of COVID-19.

Fix Time Card Issues - How to fix time card issues prior to payroll close.

Delegating Time Card & Leave Time Approvals -  How to delegate job responsibilities to another Supervisor for a specific time period. 

Running a Timecard Detail Report - How to Run and Schedule a Timecard Detail Report to give to your employees.

Request and Approve Time Off - How to Request and Approve Time Off in the Kronos Application for Others and for Yourself.

Review and Approve Time Cards - How to review and approve time cards for employees at the end of a bi-weekly pay period.

Payroll Close Checklist - What steps are included in reviewing and approving time.

Holiday Pay Codes - How to enter Holiday Pay Exceptions in the Kronos Application.

Create Hyperfind Queries - How to create a Hyperfind Query to filter only employees you want to see in the Kronos Application.

Add or Change Schedules - How to change schedules in Kronos for Payroll Administrators and Supervisors.

Converting Overtime to Comp Time - How to convert an employee's overtime to comp times.

Kronos Mobile

Using Kronos Mobile for Employees - How to use the Krono mobile application for employees.

Employee & Supervisor

Kronos Super Users - Who are the Kronos Super User contacts for each unit (Twin Cities & Duluth) using Kronos for timekeeping.