Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping

The University takes pride in setting an example for preventing storm water pollution in its maintenance practices. UMD is developing a system of good housekeeping practices that recognize that the campus operates in an urban area.

Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping Best Management Practices (BMPs) and other related documents 

6A.01 Municipal Operations and Maintenance Program BMP Summary Sheet (2022)

6A.02 Facilities Inventory BMP Summary Sheet (2022)

6A.03 Street Sweeping BMP Summary Sheet (2022)

6A.04 Parking Lot Sweeping (2022)

6A.05 Road Maintenance (2022)

6A.06 Salt/Sand Handling and Storage BMP Summary Sheet (2022)

6A.07 Snow Storage BMP Summary Sheet (2022)

6A.08 Snow and Ice Maintenance Policy (2022)

6A.09 Landscape and Turf Management BMP Summary Sheet (2022)

6A.10 Landscape Particulate Handling and Storage BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6A.10 Landscape Particulates Handling and Storage Procedure (2021)

6A.10 Dumpster Management BMP Summary Sheet (2022)

6A.11 Cleaning of Building Exteriors and Disposal of Waste and Wastewater (2022)

6A.14 Fueling System Spill Protection BMP Summary Sheet (2022)

6A.15 Vehicle, Storage and Maintenance BMP Summary Sheet (2022)

6A.16 Equipment Storage and Maintenance (2022)

6A.17 Materials Storage Yard Maintenance (2022)

6A.18 Handling of Hazardous Materials and Environmental Pollutants BMP Summary Sheet (2022)

6B.01 Inspection & Maintenance of Structural Pollution Control Devices BMP Summary Sheet (2022)

6B.02 Inspection & Maintenance of MS4 Outfalls (2022)

6B.03 Inspection & Maintenance of Ponds (2022)

6C.01 Education Program: PP/GH - Winter Maintenance (2022)

6C.02 Education Program: PP/GH - Responsible Party Training (2022)

6C.03 Education Program: PP/GH - General Stormwater Training (2022)

6D.01 Annual Assessment of the MS4 Program (2022)

Annual Structural and Outfall Inspection Reports:
Facilities Management