Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping

The University takes pride in setting an example for preventing storm water pollution in its maintenance practices. UMD is developing a system of good housekeeping practices that recognize that the campus operates in an urban area.

Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping Best Management Practices (BMPs) and other related documents 

6a-1 Municipal Operations and Maintenance Program BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6a-2 Street Sweeping BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6a-3 Exterior Loading Docks BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6a-4 Impervious Surface Management BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6a-5 Salt / Sand Handling and Storage BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6a-5 Sand / Salt Storage Procedures BMP (2021)

6a-6 Landscape Particulate Handling and Storage BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6a-6 Landscape Particulates Handling and Storage Procedure (2021)

6a-7 Snow Storage BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6a-8 Handling of Hazardous Materials and Environmental Pollutants BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6a-9 Dumpster / Litter Management BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6a-9 Dumpster and Compactor Brochure (2011)

6a-10 Fueling System Spill Protection BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6a-10 Grounds Spill Kit Signage (2013)

6a-11 Vehicle and Equipment Washing BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6a-12 Swimming Pool Maintenance BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

3d-1 Swimming Pool Maintenance Procedure (2004)

6a-14 Pond Maintenance / Cleaning BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6a-15 Landscape and Turf Management BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

Integrated Pest Management Plan

6a-16 Facilities Inventory BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6b-2 Annual Inspection of All Structural Pollution Control Devices BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6b-3 Inspection of a Outfalls and Ponds BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6b-4 Inspection of All Exposed Stockpile, Storage and Material Handling Areas BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6b-5 Inspection Follow-up Including the Determination of Whether Repair, Replacement, or Maintenance Measures are Necessary and the Implementation of the Corrective Measures BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6b-6 Record Reporting and Retention of all Inspections and Responses to the Inspections BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

6b-7 Evaluation of Inspection Frequency BMP Summary Sheet (2021)

Annual Structural and Outfall Inspection Reports:
Facilities Management