On-Campus Housing:

If you have a question regarding a package or mail going to a dorm address or UMD-owned apartments, please call 218-726-6380 or email [email protected].


Hours: Weekdays 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location: 44 Darland. This is the basement of the Darland Administration Building
Phone: 218-726-8287
Email: [email protected]

In order to deliver mail efficiently and timely, we need a complete address. Please give your complete mailing address (found in the directory) when having mail or packages sent to you. This includes the address you use when registering for conferences, ordering products online, etc.

Mail location found in the directory (example: 241 Darland)

We strongly discourage using your university address for any personal mail. This is largely because if you ever leave the university (quit, retire, etc), mail will not be forwarded to your new address – even if you fill out a Change Of Address form with the USPS.


For Everyone (for university and non-university needs):

  • Stamps
  • UPS Ground & Express shipping (prices are less than half of or
  • USPS Shipping & Mailing (letters, packages, international, Priority, certified)
  • Free used boxes & packaging materials.
  • New packaging items (boxes, padded envelopes, bubble wrap) for sale.
  • Additional Services for Departments (any university purpose):
  • Folding
  • Envelope stuffing/sealing/mailing
  • Bulk mail processing
  • Stamp applying
  • Label applying

Outgoing Mail Preparation:

Please attach a mail authorization slip to any outgoing mail that needs to be metered/stamped. You can also use the same slip for packages. If you need additional slips, please contact the Mail Room Supervisor.


Students living in the dorms and apartments receive mail in the Ianni Hall Mail Room. 218-726-6380. Please do not use a university address for anything during your time as a student. Any mail sent to a university address will not be forwarded to you when you graduate – even if you fill out a Change Of Address form with the USPS.