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Designers of U of M Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) must be certified in SWPPP design by the UMN Erosion and Stormwater Management Program (or approved equal).

The University of Minnesota Duluth has specific design standards that are required on University construction projects.   The following standards and forms are of particular importance to stormwater design and are expected to be followed and included in project documents as applicable.

University of Minnesota Building Standards 

Division 13 00 50 - Landcare Requirements 2A. Construction Staging & Tree Protection
Division 13 00 50 - Landcare Requirements 2C. Subgrade Preparation, Topsoil and Finish Grading
Division 13 00 50 - Landcare Requirements - H. Plantings
Division 31 20 00 - Earth Moving
Division 31 25 00 - Erosion & Sediment Controls
Division 31 30 00 - Excavation, Backfilling and Compacting
Division 33 41 00 - Permanent Stormwater Treatment Systems

University of Minnesota Building Standards Appendices (Duluth Campus)

Appendix K: SWPP Plan Review Checklist
Appendix L: Construction Stormwater Inspection Checklist
Appendix M: Stormwater Treatment Design

University of Minnesota Environmental / Storm Water Policies and Procedures

University of Minnesota Administrative Policy on Environmental Protection

UMD Specific Requirements

Appendix K - UMD Addendum Form

Certification of Knowledge for SWPPP Team Members (2014)

Tree Preservation, Protection, and Planting

Tree Preservation, Protection, and Planting Worksheet

Storm Drain Markings - Gutter Stamp

Shoreline Protection - Construction and Development Setback Requirements

Additional UMD Stormwater Information

UMD Stormwater Discharge Areas of Concern

UMD Watersheds

UMD Wetland Inventory

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