Billable & Non-Billable Services


Facilities Management receives a budget allocation each year to maintain and operate facilities which are directly related to the educational, research and service mission of the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

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Normal building maintenance and repair is the responsibility of the Facilities Management Department, this includes all items related to the preventive maintenance, routine maintenance and repair of buildings and their installed, non-programmatic equipment and systems. Our goal is to keep or maintain buildings and equipment in the original and/or operating or functional condition.

The following services are rendered without charge to the University community at large:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Campus Mail Services
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Landscape and Grounds Maintenance
  • Utilities Distribution and Maintenance

Programs not legislatively supported (such as auxiliary services and some research and grant related activities) pay for all direct costs including routine maintenance, contractual, labor, and material costs for any services provided by Facilities Management.

Facilities Management does not receive a budget allocation for some of our services and must charge the requesting department for those services.

Departments supported by the tuition fund and legislative appropriations (such as academic/administrative departments) are billed for:

  • Preliminary estimates on design and construction remodeling
  • Elective maintenance such as department or private space repainting, repainting with a nonstandard color, re-keying, shelving installation, moving fixed items, etc.;
  • Repair work to specialized laboratory or program specific equipment
  • Maintenance and repair of departmentally-owned equipment
  • Building of/or repairs to office furniture and computer tables, etc.
  • Vandalism when it can be identified to an individual
  • Special events requiring the services of Facilities Management personnel
  • Non-maintenance activity requests including costs of labor and overtime, and materials plus contractual charges
  • Special non-routine custodial services

A Facilities Management request for work is required for the above services and should be submitted prior to the date the service is needed. If you have any questions about a Facilities Management service billing, please call 218-726-8262 for information.